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Learnworlds review (2021)

You are probably looking for software to deliver your online course. Maybe you are thinking about choosing Learnworlds? In this review, you will discover what Learnworlds is, which functions are available, and whether this software is also suitable for you.

What is learnworlds?

With Learnworlds, you can put your online course live, but you can also create your website, receive payments and work with affiliates. It is an all-in-one software.

Learnworlds has a fresh modern look. This makes it immediately appealing. The advantage is that it works well for you, but it can also attract potential customers.


When creating your teaching environment, you can choose the language. You can choose English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch. The last one is my native language, so it’s handy for me to have this option.

This language choice is for your school, and the management environment will still be in English.

If you are going to edit the website, you also have the Translation manager. You see all translations here, but you also see that there are still missing pieces. You can fill this in yourself, and you can also change the words if you wish.


The Learnworlds customer experience is excellent. In terms of user-friendliness and support, Learnworlds gets a 9.2/10. They also score between 4.5 and 5 out of 5 on well-known review platforms.

When you log in to the administration backend, you have to fill in a few steps, such as the name of your school, a color scheme, a layout, the language, and currency.

Once you have completed this wizard, you can still go through a few more steps: putting your first course online, creating a landing page, participating in webinars explaining Learnworlds.

You will therefore be taken by hand to set up your course environment in the best possible way.

Features of Learnworlds

Because Learnworlds is an all-in-one package, you have a lot of options and functions. But these are clearly split up so you can quickly find your way around them.


It’s easy for a student to follow a course. They can see the different modules, lesson content, and how much percentage has already been followed on the left side. There are 5 layouts available from which you can choose to display the course to a student.

Design Learnwords courses

Creating a course is done in a few steps. That makes it very easy to set up.

If you will create a course you will get some sample titles and some tips to make a good title. That reminds you to use a more appealing title.

You determine the URL and choose how the course will be accessible: paid, coming soon, free, or private.

If you choose to give a paid course, you can determine the price in the next step, also a discount price is possible.

Now you can give the course a description and add a photo. This can be done by uploading a file from your computer, via Dropbox, via a URL, via your camera, or free images via Unspash which is integrated.

In the next step, you can set up dripping if you wish. With dripping, you can always release a part of the course at certain times. You have the choice to do this on a specific date or x time after registration. For example, module 2 after 2 weeks and module 3 after 3 weeks.

After creating the course and following the previous steps, you can start creating the actual course content. To do this, you first add a section. You can choose to have a certain section accessible for free, even if you have a paid course. This can serve as a preview (a free entry) so that potential customers can decide whether the course is suitable for them.

If you had set up dripping, you can enter the number of days or weeks. You can also create an automatic email that will be sent as soon as that particular section becomes available. This is very handy because most people do not go out on their own to see if a new module is already available. So I would definitely set that up.

This way you can create multiple sections, which actually become the different modules of your course. This way you can first work out the structure of your course.

Lessons in learnworlds

Onder een sectie kan je een activiteit toevoegen. Dat zijn de lessen. Je kan hier kiezen voor:

  • Video
  • Ebook
  • Pdf
  • Youtube
  • Soundcloud
  • Audio
  • SCORM/HTML 5 package
  • Zoom meeting
  • Zoom webinar
  • Webex meeting
  • Quiz
  • Exam
  • Assignment
  • File assignment
  • Certificate
  • Certificate of completion
  • Embed code
  • Slideshare
  • Externe link
Edit lessons in Learnworlds


If you made the layout of your ebook yourself so that people can download it, place it under PDF. If you choose the ebook activity, you can upload a word document and edit it in Learnworlds. You can also add blocks of text, images, formatted pieces to it so that you get a beautifully edited “ebook”. You get a running text and not a multi-page ebook to download.

What you get is an interactive ebook where students can make their own notes and mark certain pieces of text. Just like you used to do in a school book. Very useful for going through certain parts again.


When you create a quiz you can choose between several types of questions:

  • multiple choice with one or more correct answers
  • right / wrong
  • poll
  • Short answer
  • Text with feedback
  • Survey like question

During an exam, you can specify a time within which the questions must be solved. You can also give random questions per person so that it is not the same for everyone. You can also specify the minimum percentage they need to achieve to pass. After it has been completed successfully, you can also have a document downloaded. You can choose between multiple-choice or true/false questions.

You can ask open questions at the assessments.

Live lessons with Zoom

To add Zoom to your course, you first have to make the integration which is very easy. After that, if you choose Zoom, you can create a Zoom meeting in your course. You provide a title, a description and schedule a date.

Integration with Zoom in Learnworlds

You can view all live sessions in a handy overview and in a calendar.


You can post a video from Vimeo, but you can also upload your videos in the Learnworlds library itself. You can view statistics of these videos such as how often it has been played and possibly how many people have viewed it multiple times.

It does not matter that you upload the video on this platform because you remain the owner.

But what makes Learnwords very special is that you can also provide interaction with the videos that you have uploaded. For example, you can add a table of contents, a piece of text, links, and images. You can view the statistics of the interactions.

Interactive video lessons in Learnworlds

Quite a timesaver is the function auto transcript and auto subtitles. I tested this with my own Dutch video. You still have to adjust some text here and there, especially if you speak unclearly or mention a brand name, but I thought the text was translated quite well. People can also click on a piece of text via the auto transcript and then the video jumps to the place where you tell that piece. These are next-level video lessons.

Automatic transcript and subtitles


In the community, participants can interact with each other. It is a piece of social media within your own course platform. Students can share messages or ask questions and others can respond. It is also possible within a course to respond to a part of a lesson.

Community Learnworlds


As soon as someone has completed the course, you can provide a certificate that includes the name, course, and score. A disadvantage here is that you first have to create a PDF yourself and provide it with input fields. An explanation of this can be found on the Learnworlds website. It would be more convenient if Learnworlds also provides templates for this. Maybe that will be the case in the future as they do regular updates.


It is often hard work to put together an entire course: making PDFs, recording videos, and editing. Then you don’t want someone stealing your work. Learnworlds has found a solution for this. In the school settings, you can set copyright protection.

For example, you can place your school name or logo on a video or your PDF as a watermark. You can change its size, transparency, and placement yourself.

You can choose that students can download and print the PDF or not.

Manage users

At “Users” you can easily filter on all, affiliates, instructors, free users, paid, registered this week, and active this week. You can message a user directly through Learnworlds. You can also make a user an instructor or manually link a user to a course.

User management

Create website

You don’t need any knowledge of creating websites or code to set up the website.

Making menu in Learnworlds


You can add different blocks such as testimonials, promotions, courses, price tables, call to action. There are several good-looking templates for each part that you can choose from. You can adjust this with your own texts, photos, colors, and other settings.

If you change your mind afterward and choose a different template, it will save the content so that only the layout changes. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to adjust your texts every time.

With the theme explorer, you can easily adjust the layout of your entire website. You can choose your basic colors, set fonts, and determine the appearance of the buttons.

Theme explorer Learnworlds

With siteflavors you can quickly make a copy of your site for a temporary promotion or new design. You adjust everything on the copy and visitors simply see your old site. As soon as the design or promotion is ready, the new site can be online.


A beautiful site is nice, but you also want your site to work and be found by Google. That is why Learnwords is also equipped with ways to make your site found: SEO.

Just like with Yoast SEO, the widely used WordPress plugin, you can also adjust the same kind of settings within Learnworlds, such as SEO title, description, and keywords.

Page SEO Learnworlds website


You can place an action or collect email addresses by adding popups to your website. There are also various templates that you can choose from. You can determine where the pop-up should be shown: the entire website, page groups, course pages, bundle pages, registration pages, blog posts, or specific pages.

The pop-up can be shown to everyone and only for logged-in or non-logged-in people. You can show the popup for people you have given a certain tag.

Pop-ups learnworlds


If you want to comply with the GDPR, you can adjust this in the settings for all users or only for European users, but you can also set the individual components separately.

Sell courses

You can create free or paid courses, but also sell subscriptions or course bundles. With a bundle, you can sell multiple courses at the same time at a cheaper price. If you want to sell subscriptions and receive monthly recurring payments, you must set up the payment method via Stripe.

There are 5 payment options: via Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout, Shopify, or Pagseguro.

To use this, you need to subscribe to Learnworlds as you cannot set this up in the free version. For that, you can use the Sandbox where you have test credit card details so that you can test the entire process.


In addition to building your website and providing it with SEO, there are several options for marketing through Learnworlds. This way you can add optins and discount coupons and you can start working with affiliates.


You can put a popup on the website with which you can collect e-mail addresses. If you have not integrated with one of the email marketing software, you can find the leads in Learnworlds. It is useful that you can see from which page these people have registered.


You can create a discount code. You can choose whether you want to give a fixed amount or a percentage discount and whether you want to give this on all courses or on a specific product.

You can also create a bulk of coupon codes and download them via an excel file. This would be used for discount sites like Groupon.


If you want to work with affiliates, this is possible from the pro trainer package. You do not need to purchase separate software for this. If you activate the affiliate program, you can set a percentage, the cookie period, and after how many days will be paid out. You can also manage your affiliates. These affiliates can start selling your course in exchange for a commission. So win-win.

Affiliates can register themselves (if you allow it) and then see how many clicks and sales there have been in their affiliate dashboard. They can also find their affiliate links there and can provide a discount code for their followers.

Affiliate marketing Learnworlds


Learnworlds can do a lot on its own, but you can link it with other marketing tools if you want to get even more out of it.

All integrations at a glance: Zapier, Zoom, Webex, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Aweber, Convertkit, Google analytics, Google search verification, Google tag manager, Mixpanel, Facebook pixel, Intercom, SumoMe, Hubspot, Refferalcandy, Freshchat, Zendesk, Olark, Tawk to, Fomo, Vimeo, Wistia, Stripe, Paypal, PagSeguro, 2Checkout, iDeal, Bancontact, Shopify, Auth0, Quaderno.

Learnworlds prices

Learnworlds has 4 packages available, with the most expensive package suitable for high-volume corporate companies.


$29 per month, or $24 per month if you pay per year. + $5 per course sold

One person can log in with this starter package. You can create paid courses, but offering a free course is not an option.

On your website, you can provide 3 pages: homepage, course catalog, and the page shown after logging in. You can use some basic integrations such as analytics, Facebook pixel, Zendesk, and some email marketing systems.

During the weekdays you can use e-mail support.

If you want more options, you can upgrade your package.

Pro trainer

$99 per month or $79 per month if you pay per year.

With the Pro trainer version, 5 people can log in. You can create an unlimited number of courses and web pages. You can also add a blog and unlimited pop-ups to your site. You have the option not only to sell a separate course but also to work with memberships and subscriptions.

You can adjust the payment page and certificates. You can give live classes and webinars via Zoom, and you can work with affiliates if you want to. You also have more integration options, such as linking with Zapier.

You can contact support every day of the week (including weekends) via email.

Learning center

$299 per month, or $249 per month if you pay per year.

20 of your employees can log in with the learning center. You also have the option to use the white-label software. You can add interactive videos and automatically add subtitles and transcripts. You also gain insight into the reports, and you can use advanced affiliate marketing. Even more, integrations are possible here, including webhooks and API. You get premium support and start with an hour of onboarding so that you can get started right away. Possibility of a custom app at an additional cost

You do not have to pay any transaction costs.

You can try Learnworlds for free for 30 days. You do not have to leave credit card details for this.

Conclusion of this Learnworlds review

Learnworlds is a complete package with which you can not only put your course online but also receive payments, work with affiliates, and put a website online. As a result, you practically do not need any other software, saving you in monthly costs. If you still have software you want to link with, you can do that through the integrations.

Users highly value Learnworlds as a system and customer service, so you can get started without any worries.

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