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NGRAVE Zero – The most secure wallet? Review 2021

It is called the coldest and safest wallet: The NGRAVE Zero. You can read in this review what makes this wallet different from other hardware wallets. Moreover, it is made in Belgium and I am from Belgium so definitely worth a look.

I myself do not have this NGRAVE Zero wallet yet. It is currently available for pre-order. 2500 people from 81 countries have already ordered it through crowdfunding. The first wallets will be delivered at the end of this month.

NGRAVE hardware wallet

NGRAVE consists of 3 parts:

  • Zero: the hardware wallet. It kind of looks like a smartphone.
  • Graphene: this is your backup, not a paper wallet but one made of steel that is encrypted.
  • Liquid: the app to view the value of your cryptos and carry out transactions securely.


The Zero wallet has an EAL7 security certificate which is the highest attainable in the world. By comparison, the Ledger nano X has security level EAL5.

NGRAVE zero hardware walet

It doesn’t use USB or WiFi, but it also doesn’t use Bluetooth or NFC. It works completely offline for optimal security against hackers. Internally, the device has several layers for protection. At its core, it also has a secure element which is designed as a kind of vault for your private keys. If the wallet is ever attacked in any way, it can recognize an attack and the private keys will automatically erase.

Usually you will be offered a private key from a hardware or software wallet. With the NGRAVE Zero, a key is generated and your fingerprint is taken into account and you have influence on the composition of the key by changing certain parts. Therefore, there is no chance that NGRAVE possesses this key.

In addition to being secure, it is also more user-friendly than most other wallets. Often there is only a small screen, but this one has a large touchscreen which is convenient to operate.

Supported Coins

You will be able to keep all your favorite coins and tokens safe on the NGRAVE: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, DOT, NEO, EOS, XLM, TRX, BNB, XTZ, DGB, DASH, ETC, BTG, AE, DOGE, ZEC, BCD, GRS, EGLD, USDT, LINK, MKR, DAI, 0x, CEL, BAT, ENJ, OMG, TUSD, REP, USDC, SNT, GNT, DGD, RLC and all ERC20 tokens.

The first 2 coins to be supported in the post-delivery update at the end of April are Cardano and Vechain, and new ones will be added every month.

The system is also built in such a way that all coins can be added easily.

This year, other platforms will also be able to integrate to add new functionalities. Think of token swaps and buying and selling immediately from the app.

NGRAVE Graphene

Graphene is the stainless steel backup that cannot be broken. Not even if your house were on fire, which I hope never happens to you. The plate can withstand temperatures up to 1660 degrees Celsius (3020 degrees Farenheit). You should always keep a paper backup with your seed written down in a fireproof safe, but that is not necessary with this Graphene. In addition, it is also resistant for water, corrosion, and shocks.

The Graphene consists of 2 sheets in A5 format. You need both plates to access your key. This way you can store both plates in 2 separate locations. You can order an extra bottom plate as an extra backup.

The top plate contains 64 columns with 16 holes each. Place this on top of the other plate and then punch holes in the bottom plate with a special pen. So it is 64 hexadecimals instead of the 24 words you usually encounter. You can’t gamble if you only have the bottom plate because the 16 hexadecimals (0-9 and A-F) are in a different order in each column.

NGRAVE Liquid app

With the Liquid app you have an overview of your crypto portfolio and it is the connection with the blockchain to perform transactions. The transactions are signed via QR codes between the app and your zero. The zero itself has no connection to the internet and will never forward your private keys.

Ngrave liquid

You create a transaction on the app. You will receive a QR code that you can scan with your Zero. You can sign this (completely offline). The zero in turn also displays a QR code that you can scan via the app. Now the app can send the transaction to the blockchain.

You can download the app from both the App Store and Google Play.

Team, advisor and partners

NGRAVE was founded by Ruben Merre, Xavier Hendrickx and Edouard Vanham.

Jean-Jacques Quisquater is Ngrave’s advisor. It is a well-known cryptographer referred to in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. For the past 50 years he has been involved in cryptography and hardware security. In 1996 he participated in the first practical blockchain experiment, he co-invented the GQ protocol which is used by more than 100 million computers worldwide, he has more than 20 patents and has written 200 articles on cryptography.

Such a person is therefore ideal to get advice from when it comes to security of your hardware and cryptography.

Furthermore, a few partners are also mentioned on the NGRAVE website: Imec (R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies), Cosic (Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography group), European Commission, Comate (engineers and designers who develop high-tech, mechatronic, mechanical or developing electronic products and machines), KU Leuven, Web3 foundation grants program.

Price of the NGRAVE wallet

I think it is the most expensive hardware wallet out there. Some other wallets cost between €50 and €185. The NGRAVE zero wallet now costs €318 (normally €398).

The combo pack with the zero wallet + graphene currently costs €398 in presale (normally €498).

But if you have invested a lot of money in crypto, then security is also worth a lot, because you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Buy the NGRAVE wallet

You can currently pre-order the NGRAVE zero. A limited number are available and it should be delivered during July and August 2021. Since they now work with a presale, you get a 20% discount on your device.

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