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Elke Aerts online entrepreneur

In 2007 I started investing in stocks. In 2018, crypto was added. I do this to build up a nice pot, so that I have a safe future.

Since 2013, the journey of online entrepreneurship has started for me. Before that I worked as a DTP in a company, then as a freelancer and started a physical magazine. When that didn’t go so well, he started looking for solutions and discovered online marketing. It turned out that I “went on” about that. I found it so interesting that I kept learning about it, even in my evenings.

In the meantime I have several blogs with which I inspire thousands of people.

I also helped entrepreneurs who were taking their first steps in the online world. This by either setting up things for them or giving them an explanation or thinking along via skype, so remotely.

I now want to share my experiences and knowledge for a wider audience through this blog: Online Business Vibes.

Elke Aerts