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Best hardware wallets for your crypto (2022)

If you own crypto then you want to keep them safe. After all, you are responsible for them. The safest way is to put your crypto on a hardware wallet. There are several hardware wallets, but which one is the best? We compare them and find out.

What is the best hardware wallet to buy?

If you don’t want to read the whole article we can already tell you that the best hardware wallet of 2022 is the Ngrave Zero. It is a new hardware wallet that meets the very highest standards of security. It has a security certificate EAN 7, where others only have EAN 5 or 6. It is also a bit more expensive but if you have a lot of money in crypto, you obviously don’t want to save on security. Besides, the ease of use is also worth a lot.

If it is a bit above your budget then you can check our comparison below so you can buy a very good wallet that suits you. But first, let’s look at what you can look for so you can make a good choice.

What to look out for when buying a hardware wallet?


The private keys are on the hardware wallet which makes it a lot more secure than a software wallet. But also within the hardware wallets, there is a difference in security level. Some hardware wallets need to be plugged into a USB port, which means they can be attacked by certain software.

Other wallets do not work with USB and you do not need to connect them to your computer. Some of them work with Bluetooth or NFC, others with QR codes.

The wallets below are all secure, but some have a security seal and some are in a higher seal than others.


What if your hardware wallet breaks down? There’s a technical glitch, you drop the copy and it’s broken, you lose your wallet or it gets stolen. Will you lose your crypto forever? No, that would be bad, especially if there is a lot of crypto involved. But you do need to make sure you have a backup.

This can be done by writing down your private key. With some hardware wallets you get a paper backup (recovery seed). This has several numbers and lines for writing down your code, possibly in duplicate.

Other wallets are even better equipped and with them, you can buy a steel backup. The graphene from Ngrave is such an example. On the steel plate, you have to engrave your code. This plate is water and fire-resistant. It is also cryptic in structure, so you always need two plates to decipher it.


I don’t think the price is the most important thing to consider when deciding which hardware wallet to buy. Yet it can be something that can play a role in the choice. If you want to keep €100 safe then you probably won’t go for the most expensive one.


If you want to keep your cryptos for the long term then you may also want to take advantage of staking so you can build an additional income. By keeping your cryptos on platforms like Bitvavo or Binance, this is possible. But some hardware wallets also provide staking so you can both keep them safe yourself but still enjoy staking revenue.


If your cryptos are a long-term investment, then you want a solid device above all else. You might even have this stored in a fireproof safe. If you often want to use your crypto, then a portable device is handy. One that is not too big and for which you do not need a computer (so without USB). You could also take two wallets. One for the bulk of your assets that you keep safe and that you do not touch, and another that is easy to take with you, with less on it.


Ease of use is also worth a lot. Some hardware wallets have only a button and a small screen where you see some code. Others have a large touchscreen in color. A user-friendly wallet will be easier to install and faster to operate. With one touch on the screen, you have what you need. With a cheaper one, you have to navigate with one button which is of course a lot slower.

Which crypto currencies?

It is also important to consider which crypto coins you want to store. Some wallets are only suitable for Bitcoin or have a limited storage of the largest and most traded coins. On other wallets, you can store a whole arsenal of coins. Useful if you also invest in smaller coins.

Best hardware wallets

Below you will find the best and most used hardware wallets. They are in alphabetical order and not in order of quality. Check what you find important in a good hardware wallet to make your choice.


This one comes in 2 versions: bitcoin only and multi. The multi supports 4 coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum (+ the ERC20 tokens), Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. You connect the Btibox02 to USB.

Bitbox 02 hardware wallet

Apart from being used as a wallet, you can also use it as a 2fa to log into an exchange

Backup via microSD.

Coolwallet S

The Coolwallet looks like a credit card. This makes it easy to take along. Through the app, you can perform transactions. With a small thin button on the card, you confirm these transactions. 

Coolwallet S hardware wallet

This card comes with a holder where you can insert the card to charge it via usb.

2-factor authentication and biometric login possible. Security level: EAL 5+

Included with this hardware wallet are 2 paper backups (recovery sheet) to write down your private key. See also our review of the Coolwallet S.

Supports BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, Horizen, ICX, stablecoins, and all ERC20 tokens.

Coolwallet Pro

The newer Pro version of the Coolwallet also comes in the form of a credit card and works in the same way as its brother, the Coolwallet S. Security via 2-factor authentication and biometric login is possible. This wallet also comes with 2 recovery sheets to write down your private key. This is also a step higher in security level than the S, namely EAL 6+.

Coolwallet pro

This wallet can connect you to decentralized exchanges (DEX). Furthermore, it supports staking and will also have DeFi, Dapp, and NFT in-app integration from the third quarter this year. 

Supports more coins than the Coolwallet S: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, BNB, USDT, all ERC20 tokens, Tron, Cosmos, Polkadot. ETH 2.0, Tezos, Cardano, and other new coins are planned for the roadmap.

Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S requires you to connect to your computer via USB. It looks like a USB stick but has an Oled display to check your transactions and a button to confirm the transaction.

Ledger nano S

Safety ship: EAL 5+.

Supports 1380 coins

You can install up to 6 apps. That means you can store up to 6 crypto coins on your wallet. For example, you install the Bitcoin app. Because you can only store 6 coins this limits you if you want to invest in more coins in the future.

For some coins, proof of stake is possible.

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is the big brother of the Nano S. It is a bit more expensive, but you can use it with your phone. This connection is done via Bluetooth. You can still connect it to your computer via USB if you wanted to. The screen is a little bigger which makes it easier to use.

Ledger nano X

Included with this wallet are 3 recovery sheets. Safety chip: EAL 5+.

Supports 1380 coins.

You can install up to 100 apps. This means that you can store up to 100 different crypto coins on your wallet.

For some coins, proof of stake is possible. Direct buying, selling, and swapping are also possible for some coins.

Ngrave Zero

The Ngrave Zero is the top of the hardware wallets. However, it comes with a higher price tag. This wallet is user-friendly with a color touch screen and super secure since it is completely offline. Transactions are done via an app on your phone with one-way QR codes. The Ngrave itself also has a camera to scan the QR codes that are on your phone. It is the hardware wallet with the highest security label EAN 7.

Ngrave zero wallet

You can purchase the Ngrave in a package with a backup of steel, the graphene. This is encrypted and you need two plates to decrypt it. Also, read our Ngrave zero review.

At the moment, staking is not yet possible with the Ngrave Zero, but I have been in contact with the founders of this wallet (it is made in Belgium, by the way) and they let me know that there will be an update in the course of this year so that staking is also possible. The wallet and software are designed to be very future-proof.

Safepal S1

The Safepal S1 is used in combination with your phone. Even though it’s a cheap wallet, it has many features. It has a camera to scan QR codes and a color screen.

Safepal S1

More than 1000 coins are supported. Through the app you can not only store crypto but also buy, swap and trade.

The Safepal is the size of a credit card but a bit thicker.

Included with this wallet are 3 recovery sheets.

You can store an unlimited number of tokens on this device. It supports 21 blockchains and more than 10,000 tokens.

Integrated Binance Dex. Binance was also an investor of this wallet.

The Safepal S1 is 100% offline, does not work via USB, bluetooth, NFC or Wifi.

Tangem card

Tangem card, like the Coolwallet, is a wallet in the form of a credit card. Unlike Coolwallet, Tangem does not use Bluetooth but rather NFC to contact your smartphone. This is via the built-in chip.

Tangem card

Supported coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens

Through Tangem Tap, you can access your wallet on your phone.

Safety level: EAL 6+

Trezor one

The Trezor One is available in black and white. The device looks less fancy than other hardware wallets but does its thing. It has a monochrome screen with 2 buttons.

Trezor one wallet

Through MyEtherWallet, you can access tokens.

From Trezor you can buy directly with your BTC account.

2 recovery sheets are included.

Supports 1648 coins.

Trezor T

The Trezor is the newer and better version. It’s controlled with a touchscreen, which also allows you to enter the PIN. This makes it easier to use than the Trezor one. You have the option of inserting a microSD, which will open up more possibilities in the future.

Trezor T wallet

Supports 1653 coins. So a few more than the Trezor one.

Shamire backup with multiple recovery pieces (up to 16) to backup your private keys. If 1 piece goes up in smoke and another is stolen, you can still use the other one to restore your wallet.

Hardware wallet comparison

Hardware walletPriceConnectionScreenMobileTouchscreenCameraSecurity levelCoinsCountryStaking
Bitbox02 multi109,99USBoled schermBitcoin, Ethereum (+ de ERC20-tokens), Bitcoin cash en LitecoinZwitserland
Coolwallet S99BluetoothE-ink screenxEal 5+BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, Horizen, ICX, stablecoins en alle ERC20-tokensAzië
Coolwallet Pro159BluetoothE-ink screenxEAL 6+Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, BNB, USDT, alle ERC20-tokens, Tron, Cosmos, Polkadot. ETH 2.0, Tezos, Cardano+ andere op komstAziëJa
Ledger Nano S64,99USBoled schermEal 5+1380Frankrijk
Ledger Nano X129,99USB of BluetoothmonochroomxEal 5+1380Frankrijk, Europa en ChinaTezos, Tron, Cosmos, Algorand en Polkadot
Ngrave488 (nu 398), voor wallet + stalen backupQRKleurenscherm, LCDxxxEAL 71000+, gebouwd zodat er makkelijk nieuwe munten aan toegevoegd kunnen worden via updatesBelgiëNog niet, zal dit jaar toegevoegd worden via update.
Safepal50QR1.3 IPS screen-xxEal 5+1000+China
Tangem kaart34NFCgeenxEAL 6+BTC, ETH, ERC20-tokensZwitserland
Trezor one75USBmonochroom1648Tsjechië, Europa
Trezor T184,98USBkleuren mochochroomx1653Tsjechië, Europa

Conclusion best hardware wallets for crypto

The best hardware wallet for your crypto is the NGrave zero. In terms of usability, strength of materials and security level (EAL 7) it comes out on top. Currently, staking is not yet possible, but this will be added in the course of this year via an update.

The Ngrave does come with a price tag that is a bit higher than the other wallets. If you want a cheaper one, you can look at what is important to you: the appearance, no USB connection, the supported cryptos,…

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